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What Did I Get Myself Into?

So this is kind of my test entry to see if this blog thing works. I fly to China tomorrow, it's going to be a ridiculously long flight (Chicago to Beijing). One of the boys says it's about 18 hours, I guess we'll all know each other really well by the end. I also jsut finished packing, oh my gosh that was a struggle. One suitcase for a semester's worth of clothes plus enough of all the basic hygeine stuff we take for granted everyday to last four months is definitely not enough. I for sure won't be winning any best dressed awards over the next few months.Aside from not being super excited for the flight and the limited wardrobe selections, I cannot wait to start this adventure. It's going to be life changing and I'm beyond excited! Hopefully I can use this blog to keep everyone back home up to date on what we're doing. Fingers crossed I can find a way around all of the web security stuff. I'll also probably use it as a place to muse my thoughts and reactions to stuff, so I totally don't expect to people to have the patience to read everything I write. Well hopefully the next time you hear from me I'll be on the otherside of the world. Love you all!

My one sad suitcase

My one sad suitcase

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